Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is an international higher education institution focused in life science with six study programs as their main pillars namely Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Bioentrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Food Science, and Food Technology. i3L also has satellite research and advance laboratory facilities where a student can conduct their laboratory activity assignment or involve in research activity. Supported by triple helices concept that involved academia, research and industry collaboration creates a uniqueness point of i3L as the leading international life science institution in Indonesia. i3L is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Occupied by top-national and international faculty and staff, i3L can support International students to conduct their bachelor program, internship or summer internship program and can contribute to the training activities and sustainability of the program. i3L has a strong focus on implementation aspects of the new knowledge, business-creation skills and it’s competency, students’ involvement in real-life international research projects, pathways to commerce, research and innovation, student exposure and excursion to industries, language and culture training, and quality life experiences among others.

10 Reasons you should join i3L

  • Top Quality Learning Environment - Custom-designed classrooms, laboratories and research centers, all equipped with world-class state-of-the-art facilities that are unique in the region.
  • Research Leadership - The i3L faculty has more publications and citations than any other research center of any kind in Indonesia.
  • Top Academic Partnerships - i3L students can go for study-abroad programs and participate in research collaboration with their peers at the leading life sciences universities internationally.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Focus - An innovation focus is built-in to all parts of an i3L education, and students are encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom and become involved in the formulation of new ideas.
  • i3L Science Park - The i3L Science Park connects gifted students with expert advice and sources of capital to enable them for successful entrepreneurship.
  • Internationalization - i3L has the highest number of international faculty, academic partnerships and research collaborations in Indonesia.
  • Industrial Integration - All students at i3L engage in real industrial projects as part of their education.
  • Global Career Prospects - Students have a unique opportunity for international career placement through i3L’s globally connected career center.
  • Personalized Pedagogical Approach - Students at i3L interact with our top-quality faculty in personalized classrooms and utilize the latest pedagogical approaches including blended learning and globally connected classrooms.
  • Holistic Learning - Students at i3L engage in building skills outside the classroom through extracurricular activities, which include debating and dialectics, public policy input, and various guest lectures by international thought leaders.

About Indonesia and Jakarta

Enchanting Indonesia Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia. As a developing country, Indonesia has over 250 million population. As the world’s biggest archipelago with more than 17.508 islands and Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines in the world with a number of beaches and island resorts. Indonesia consists of at least 300 ethnic groups, spread over a 1.8 million km2 area of 6,000 inhabited islands. This creates a cultural diversity, further compounded by Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and European colonialist influences. Indonesia is home to a rich array of lifestyles ranging from the ultra-rural in close harmony with nature’s elements to the ultra-modern comparable to any big cities in the world. The Transformation of the Indonesian Economy:

  • Indonesia faces an exciting and challenging transformation of its economy
  • 2015 – Regional economic integration in 2015 (The ASEAN Economic Community)

Vibrant Jakarta – Indonesia National and Business Capital Welcome to our exciting mega-city! While preserving many cultural interests unique to our city and Indonesia, Jakarta is a sprawling cosmopolitan city that offers more culture, entertainment, shopping, and sightseeing than any other places in Indonesia. Spreads over an area of more than 650 (410 sq miles). The economy depends heavily on financial service, trading, and manufacturing. In 2009, 13% of the population had an income per capita in excess of US$ 10,000 (Rp 108,000,000). Officially, Jakarta is not a city, but rather a province with special status as the capital of Indonesia. It is administered much like any other Indonesian province.

Indonesia Today 2030
World Economy Ranking 16th 7th
Consuming Class 45 Million 135 Million
Population in Cities/GDP 53% / 74% 71% / 86%
Skilled Workers 55 Million 113 Million
Market Opportunities $ 0.5 Trillion $ 1.8 Trillion
Programmes taught in:
  • English (US)

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Indonesia International Instutite for Life Sciences (i3L)

Biomedicine is a collective name for the biological topics focusing primarily on human health and well-being. Biomedicine scope includes analyzing human biological sample ... [+]

Bachelor in Biomedicine

Biomedicine is a collective name for the biological topics focusing primarily on human health and well-being. Biomedicine scope includes analyzing human biological samples, performing research on human and animal disease, participating in the development of therapeutic strategies, such as vaccines, medicines, and medical treatments, both in the private industry as well as in governmental agencies. Biomedicine is the central and critical step for drug and therapy design and discovery. Biomedicine study program offered in I3L focuses on research and innovation that bridge human health research to drug development in collaboration with medical school and pharmacy. Currently, our program offered two specialization streams that focus on human diseases, which are tumor biology and infectious diseases. We utilize the triple-helix concept (academia, business, and government) approach that strategize and implement the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community.... [-]

Indonesia Jakarta Bandung
July 2020
English (US)
Full time
3.5 - 4 years
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