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Universidade do Grande Rio Professor José de Souza Herdy (UNIGRANRIO)

Universidade do Grande Rio Professor José de Souza Herdy (UNIGRANRIO)

Universidade do Grande Rio Professor José de Souza Herdy (UNIGRANRIO)


Who we are

The history of Unigranrio began in 1970, the year Professor José de Souza Herdy created the Fluminense Education Association (AFE), sponsor entity of the then United Colleges Rio Grande. Accounting and Administration - in 1972, the first university courses were implemented. The Education and Languages ​​of courses started up the following year, being created in 1974, the Educational Center of Duque de Caxias (CEDUC) to act as Application College.

The 1980s recorded the creation of the first health area courses - Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy - followed the courses of Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The act of recognition of the University of Rio Grande Prof. José de Souza Herdy - UNIGRANRIO was due to Ministerial Decree No. 940, published in the Official Gazette of June 17, 1994, and was then created courses in Law, Information Technology and the Executive Secretariat. In 1995 came integrate this cast the course of Veterinary Medicine and the Portuguese-Spanish qualification letters of course.

The 1990s noted the formation of Medicine and Physiotherapy courses, which have enriched the area of ​​health. In the first half of 2000, the Unigranrio launched the Physical Education course. In 2003 he created the course Bachelor of Social Work and numerous higher education technology, and in the first half of 2004, we started the courses of Bachelor of Nutrition, Degree in Arts Education (Visual Arts) and Graduate in History.

Today Unigranrio has more than 40 undergraduate courses and Technology Graduation, 12 units in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Promote quality of life, with the basic instrument the educational process.


Is an institution that delivers to society, striving in offering an education that participates actively and permanently in the communities in which it operates, and to act as agent of social transformation through its educational projects, research and extension. Values

Are values ​​experienced by Unigranrio: Faith - Freedom - Peace - Solidarity - Honesty - Justice - Dignity - Tolerance


  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rua Professor José de Souza Herdy, 1160 - Jardim Vinte e Cinco de Agosto, Duque de Caxias - RJ, 25071-202, Brésil, , Rio de Janeiro