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Universidade Cidade de São Paulo (UNICID)

Universidade Cidade de São Paulo (UNICID)

Universidade Cidade de São Paulo (UNICID)


A path of growth, achievements and success!

We at City University of Sao Paulo - UNICID, we are a model institution in the national panorama, committed to education and innovation.

The fame and the strength we have achieved in the country are the result of 40 years of dedication, constant updating and high investments in infrastructure.

The next lines are an account of how we built this success story.

We preserve in our history the seriousness and the main objective to train more competent professionals since 1972, when the institution was created by a group of educators led by Professor Remo Rinaldi. At this time, we were still known as School of the East Zone of São Paulo (FZL).

Were the first to install higher education in the São Paulo district of Tatuapé, in the eastern part of the city, and also the first to offer the course in Physiotherapy in 1984, ongoing elected as one of the best in Brazil by the prestigious Student Guide, published by Editora April.

In 1992, recognized as a university, we began to call the City University of São Paulo - UNICID.

In 1995, we pioneered in the Telecommunications course offering, reference for many other institutions of higher learning under the guidance of MEC.

In 2000, all undergraduate University (History, Education, Literature, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Education) came to be inserted in the Teacher Training Program, to meet the educational policy of the MEC, which recommended a new dynamic within an interdisciplinary perspective. The program has become a reference in the educational environment.

During these four decades, we strengthen us much in the health area and we began to be considered a reference in this regard. At first, we offered the Nursing, Physiotherapy and Dentistry and in 2004 we started offering the courses of Medicine and Biomedicine, established with maximum score for MEC. Today, we add 32 years of experience in the area and more than 6000 graduates and acting in the market, making it the busiest and most prestigious courses by professional sectors.

In 2008, the Mechatronics Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering have become part of our list of undergraduate courses. In addition, we launched the new Technology Undergraduate courses in Building Construction, Graphic Design, among others.

In 2009, we began offering the course of Architecture and Urbanism, which gives solid background and has the distinction focus on sustainability.

Other strengths are our clinics and our laboratories equipped with highly advanced technology equipment and our faculty very experienced and qualified. Teach commitment, we require dedication and charge the students and teachers results and the constant search for news and updates in the area.

We are now one of the best higher education institutions in the country that combines solid knowledge professional ethics and that always goes according to the innovations of the global market, offering more than 60 undergraduate courses and Technology Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses Lato Sensu and stricto sensu, in person, the Health Areas, Business, Communication, Legal Sciences, Exact and tourism, among others, and several extension courses and Partnerships Programs in Brazil and abroad. The year 2012, year of UNICID quarantine, marked a moment of expansion of the institution, which became part of the Southern Cross Educational, composed by the College Cruzeiro do Sul, São Paulo - SP; Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, São Paulo - SP; University Module center, Caraguatatuba - SP; University of Franca, Franca SP; University Center of the Federal District, Brasília - DF, San Sebastian College, San Sebastian - SP; Faculty Caraguatatuba, Caraguatatuba - SP; University Our Lady of Patronage center, Salto and Itu - SP, and the University City of São Paulo, São Paulo - SP, joining forces and creating a stronger operation, competitive and able to offer better educational options for the training of our students

Will continue to write this history of great achievements and success!


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