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Medical University of Lublin

Medical University of Lublin

Medical University of Lublin


Medical University of Lublin

The Medical University of Lublin (MUL) is a well-established public higher education institution with a strong research background. Located in eastern Poland in the city of Lublin, it offers a friendly and multicultural life and study environment.

The English-language programs offered by the University are Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Midwifery. The school has been operating since 1944 and started educating international students in 1995; as of 2020, it boasted over seven thousand students, including over a thousand MD and DDS students from over 50 countries.

MUL is fully recognized by not only national and EU educational institutions, but also by the US Department of Education, Medical Board of California, New York State Education Department, FAIMER, Medical Councils of Thailand, India, and others.

Education at the Medical University of Lublin provides a tailored course in basics of medicine/dentistry/nursing/midwifery and solid practical training, including medical simulation techniques, managed by leading educators and delivered by experienced teachers and doctors.

The school’s educational focus is dialogue and cooperation within the academic community, assurance of education quality, and providing opportunities for students to fulfill their full potential.


  • Lublin

    Al. Racławickie 1, 20-059, Lublin