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Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem

Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem

Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem


Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem (HAC) is a multidisciplinary institution that boasts a diverse student body from all walks of life and religions, as well as a growing international student population from all over the world. As a unique academic college in the heart of Jerusalem, we are committed to creating equal opportunities for all of our students, while encouraging respect for diversity. This includes an emphasis on mutual understanding between students and their local society.

Our academic model focuses on training new generations of qualified professionals while emphasizing excellence and innovation in instruction, exact sciences, and scholarly pursuits. We offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in our local language, as well as a growing number of English, and international programs including individual courses and degrees. These international programs include a variety of workshops, academic, and technical courses. In addition to those taught by our internal faculty, we regularly host international experts in their fields as guest lecturers in said courses. Moreover, we partner with a number of international, higher education institutions on joint courses with faculty and student exchange programs.

Open for registration this year, our college offers two hybrid or fully online international programs:

  • A full Master's degree (Hybrid program – Online with an annual 10-day condensed clinical period): Masters of Optometry and Vision Sciences, M.Optom*
  • Multiple individual courses (Fully Online):
    Now running:
    - Glaucoma Masterclass
    - Monsters, Ghosts, Superheroes, and Other Strange Creatures as Keys to Our Culture

*This degree allows students with relevant bachelor's degrees and licensing to take individual courses from its curriculum without registering for the full degree. We invite you to explore our international programs and look forward to hearing from you!

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Eye Clinics

As part of Hadassah Academic College's ongoing commitment to offering public health outreach services and advanced student training opportunities, the College offers a top-quality optometry and eye care clinic to the general public. This clinic affords Jerusalem residents high-quality, low-cost vision services delivered in a friendly, caring atmosphere.

Audiology Clinics

As a continuation of Hadassah Academic College's commitment to high-quality specialty health clinics, the College offers a series of hearing (audiology) and otolaryngology (Ear-Nose-and-Throat) clinics. The Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Clinic of Communication Disorders is home to specialized clinics providing excellent health care assessment and treatment for local Jerusalem residents. The clinics also offer real-life learning opportunities for Hadassah students, who can observe and learn from healthcare professionals practicing in the field.

Speech and Language Clinics

Hadassah Academic College's commitment to advanced student training and quality healthcare outreach clinics is brought to the fore at the Speech and Language Disabilities clinic. The clinic offers a range of services for the assessment of language disabilities, pediatric language delays, and speech and language disorders.


    Hadassah Academic College has been ranked in Israel, the Europe continent, and the world at large in various categories.

    Country Ranking

    This type of ranking focuses on how the institute excels in various academic achievements. Hadassah Academic College is number 28 in the country of Israel, Europe.

    Impact Ranking

    This type of ranking is organized based on how the institute has brought an impact in Israel. These impacts focus on social, economic, and political presentation around the community. Hadassah Academic College is ranked number 15707 in the world for the impact it produces.

    Openness Ranking

    Hadassah Academic College is ranked number 6049 in its open operations. This category focuses on how Hadassah Academic College conducts its academic process and affairs openly in Israel to the world.

    Excellency Ranking

    Hadassah Academic College is ranked number 4370 on how it excels in various fields. This includes academic achievement, citations, references, and more.


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