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Basic Health Care College Of FVH

Basic Health Care College Of FVH

Basic Health Care College Of FVH


We are a team consisting of professional and competent employees within the social and health area and the pedagogical area passionate about the continuing education area. Our knowledge and experience cover a wide range of disciplines, and we deliver professionalism and expertise at a high level.

We focus on the needs of your company and are based on your situation. This means that we can structure tailor-made, flexible, and special courses, these days, or conferences for the individual workplace.

Our team of competent and experienced educators knows what is moving. We have our finger on the pulse and can draw on our broad professional network. To strengthen the individual participant's opportunity for transfer, we take our starting point in practice, and we work with, for example, teaching differentiation, action learning, simulation, and digital learning.

In the continuing education department, we focus on development at all levels. We know that employees are constantly facing new challenges and issues. And we know that development requires a lot of individual employees. We participate in various networks at the municipal, regional, and national levels and see collaboration as an important component of our own competence development.


  • Fredericia

    6. Julivej,67, 7000, Fredericia

    • Kolding

      Tvedvej,7, 6000, Kolding