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Course Programmes in Healthcare Veterinary Science Animal Care

Typically, a course is a single class offered by colleges and universities. It represents the most basic form. Many courses can be taken to earn credits toward a diploma, certificate or degree.  Other courses are considered non-credit classes. These are more likely to be taken for personal gain.

What are courses in animal care? They usually provide instruction in pet care, grooming and training. Some courses are designed with pet owners in mind. They may offer information about specific pet care including the behavior associated with different animals and breeds, living environments, exercise requirements, dietary needs and potential disease concerns. Some animal care courses cover topics such as animal behavior, canine health and nutrition, animal welfare, chicken keeping, dog grooming, exotic animal care and equine studies.

Courses in animal care may provide students with several skills that are helpful in everyday life. Individuals may become adept at reading animal behavior, developing patience and observation.

Courses in animal care come in a wide array of choices and formats. Some have a more hands-on approach while others may be presented in a lecture format. These and many other factors directly impact costs. Students should contact the university offering the class they wish to attend for specific pricing information.

After taking courses in animal care, students may be qualified for positions as a pet groomer, kennel operator or animal-care officer. These jobs typically do not require a formal degree, so a combination of courses and experience may be adequate. With more education, individuals may be prepared to work as a kennel attendant or veterinary technician. Positions may be available at animal hospitals, equine training and breeding facilities, wildlife rehabilitation centers or animal research facilities.

Some animal care courses may be available online, but many require some hands-on work. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.