Professional Master in Health Care Specialist in Sports


Programme Description

Professional qualification to be acquired:

EDUCATION AND SPORTS SPECIALIST with one of the following qualifications:

  • Sport physiotherapist
  • Adapted physical activity specialist in rehabilitation

The aims of Professional Master higher education Study programme „Healthcare specialist in sport” (47722) is:

  • to ensure to the country’s economic, cultural and social needs corresponding professional interdisciplinary studies in the field of healthcare and sports science;
  • to ensure in Healthcare and sports science theoretical basis rooted, to professional standards corresponding, practically applicable professional studies of sports physiotherapist or adapted physical activities specialist in rehabilitation.

The main tasks of Professional Higher Education Master Study programme „Healthcare specialist in sport” (47722) are:

  • to educate fifth level professional qualification specialists in Healthcare and sports science, as well as to promote their competitiveness in changing socio-economic conditions and international labour market;
  • to implement to the field of Healthcare and sports science characteristic in-depth knowledge acquisition (including independent learning skills) that promotes democratic values, develops personality and provides an opportunity to develop new or improve existing systems, products and technologies and prepares for creative, research and teaching activities in the field;
  • to promote the willingness of those who have obtained the qualification of sports physiotherapist or adapted physical activity specialist in rehabilitation to consummate professional qualification by continuing studies in Doctoral and other lifelong learning programmes.

The main sub-tasks of the study programme are:

  • to provide a theoretical knowledge base in the fundamental, medical and clinical foundation disciplines of sports physiotherapy;
  • to provide the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge, skills and attitude in the field of Healthcare in sports physiotherapy in the relevant subject area, preparing competent specialists who are able to adequately understand and effectively address professional and research tasks by successfully collaborating with other Healthcare specialists, taking part in multi-professional and interdisciplinary teamwork;
  • to deepen understanding of worldwide development tendencies in the field of Healthcare and sports physiotherapy by promoting the acquisition of the latest achievements in the chosen specialization;
  • to develop and improve professional knowledge, skills, and attitude towards research of clients/patients in the field of sports and assessment/evaluation, and realization of sports physiotherapy process according to the chosen specialization and professional scope;
  • to improve knowledge and skills in research, developing the ability to develop and realize research projects in specialization, to critically evaluate and present them;
  • to encourage motivation of MA students as the future physiotherapy in sports specialists in the field of Healthcare and self-improvement (further education and lifelong learning) by developing an entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and responsibility for the maintenance of professional qualification and its promotion;
  • to expand student knowledge of contemporary theories and practices on the functioning disorders and universal application of adapted physical activities;
  • to promote critical analysis and understanding of the universal application of adapted physical activities;
  • to demonstrate different perspectives in research and holistic assessment methods in the field of Healthcare;
  • to acquire skills to develop and implement adapted physical activity programmes in inclusive settings;
  • to train creative and adaptable to changing circumstances professionals who are able to adapt to different situations and to perform multiple duties in connection with adapted physical activities in the field of Healthcare;
  • to train versatile knowledgeable specialists who are competent to work in different places (e.g. consultant in the field of public health, direct APA services provider, participant of a multi-professional team, etc.);
  • the ability to critically evaluate and monitor the progress of the APA programme by using personal and professional development;
  • to analyse and refer to standardized practices in adapted physical activities, to develop appropriate alternative approaches.
  • The main tasks of the study programme are implemented:
  • by implementing science-based and evidence-based higher professional Master study programme’s study courses;
  • by linking studies with labour market requirements and European Union’s tendencies in the field of Healthcare and physiotherapy in sport and in the development dynamics of adapted physical activities;
  • by creating conditions for the acquisition of Healthcare sport physiotherapeutic professional qualification and preconditions and competence for its implementation in the multilateral practice of sports physiotherapy;
  • by increasing graduate opportunities to realize in the labour market in Latvia and in other countries as the graduates of the only higher Master study programme „Healthcare in sport” and by increasing the competitiveness among graduates of similar study programmes in European Union countries;
  • by developing a material-technical base, improving opportunities for student scientific and practical work;
  • by creating an opportunity for students to acquire practical skills in sports physiotherapy, organizing professional qualification practice opportunities at the Latvian state sports teams, sports federations, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, health tourism, as well as sports-related entertainment centers;
  • by developing interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of Healthcare, taking into account the different rehabilitation disciplines and value of adapted physical activity programme’s relative contribution with regard to the rehabilitation programme.

The expected study results of the study programme:

Study results are defined so that they would meet both the qualification framework of European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process) and the qualification framework of European Union Lifelong Learning (EQF).Master competencies include Bachelor competencies and are acquired in Healthcare and sports science rooted studies of which an essential part is research work and development of independent cognitions and conclusions. Sports physiotherapist is a professional who by ensuring high professional and ethical practice is competent to promote safe physical activities for athletes of all ages, provide consultations, rehabilitation and training in intervention to prevent damage, restore optimal function work and promote athletic results. Adapted physical activity specialist is a professional who is competent in accordance with a patient’s/client’s state of health, functional abilities and potential to provide qualitative and successful adapted physical activity programme for people of different ages with functional disabilities. Acquired professional qualification sports physiotherapist with a professional Master degree in sports physiotherapy gives the right to work in practical preventative, rehabilitation and active sports physiotherapy fields. Acquired professional qualification Healthcare Master in Healthcare with professional Master degree adapted physical activity specialist in rehabilitation gives the right to work in practical preventative and rehabilitation fields.

LASE Master study programme „Healthcare specialist in sport” gives an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Healthcare, sports science, sports medicine, sports psychology, as well as physiotherapy in the field of sport. The main part of sports physiotherapy programme consists mainly of sports science and theoretical and practical skills in the field of sports physiotherapy, evaluating therapeutic intervention and side effect impact, develop appropriate and scientifically based concepts. The main part of adapted physical activity specialist study programme consists of physiotherapy, physical education, and kinesiology theoretical and practical skills.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

The Latvian State Institute of Physical Culture (LVFKI) started its activity on January 1, 1946 by LSSR People's Commissars Council decision.

The Latvian State Institute of Physical Culture (LVFKI) started its activity on January 1, 1946 by LSSR People's Commissars Council decision. Read Less