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Programme Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid

Hours: S - D

Qualification: Master in Theater Therapy issued by ISEP. The completion of the Master in Therapy in addition to the completion of the Master in Art Therapy and / or the Master in Music Therapy involves the achievement and obtaining the title of Master in Artistic and Creative Therapies.


The Therapy is a discipline that develops models of psychotherapeutic intervention with the support of theatrical artistic techniques. It is a tool that opens channels of expression and communication, develops social skills, increases cognitive abilities, promotes creativity and the management of healthy emotions, prevents and facilitates the treatment of disorders, stimulates learning and helps to resolve dangerous situations, risk and conflict.

As a theatroterapist, you will help people solve conflict and risk situations and personal problems by introducing important changes in their own lives.

With the Master in Therapy you will learn and use basic artistic-therapeutic techniques in the areas of intervention and individual and group planning and to develop creative resources in individual or group interventions through a theoretical-practical training.

The Master in Therapy of ISEP is a program of a high degree of specialization and professionalism and is part of the training itinerary that the student can choose from the Master's program in Artistic and Creative Therapies, where the Master in Art Therapy and the Master in Music Therapy.

Master's Programme in Therapy

The different modules are structured in four areas of knowledge that are developed throughout the two courses in theoretical classes, workshops and practical activities:

Psychology Area

  • Psychology of Art
  • Development Psychology
  • Neuropsychological foundations of art.
  • The link.
  • Social psychology.
  • Psychology of the Personality.
  • Psychopathologies and artistic therapies.
  • Research Methodology.

Psychotherapy Area

  • Models of Psychotherapeutic Intervention.
  • Basic concepts in psychotherapy.
  • Procedures and competences in psychotherapy.
  • Design and Intervention Techniques in Art Therapy.
  • Ethics and Deontology.

Area of Art Therapies

  • Theoretical Bases of Art.
  • Methodology in Art Therapies.
  • Codes and artistic languages.
  • Elements and resources of artistic therapies.
  • Principles and resources of intervention in Therapy.
  • Fields of application of the Therapy
  • Therapy workshops.

Body area

  • Body, Space, Movement.
  • The voice.
  • Rhythm.
  • Body expression, biodanza, psicomotricidad.

Practices / Practice Report

Final work of master

Competences of the Master in Therapy

  • You will develop professional competence in the pedagogical, psychological, therapeutic and rehabilitative sphere through the use of theatrical techniques and humoristic-creative interaction (clown-therapy physicians).
  • You will provide the specific skills and tools necessary to perform an evaluation and effective intervention of theatre therapy.
  • You will carry out theatre therapy interventions supervised by a tutor.
  • You will acquire psychological and artistic techniques to develop new professional skills and enrich the professional competence applicable in different work contexts.

Recipients of the Master in Therapy

The program is aimed at professionals or final year students. Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Pedagogy, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Teaching, Social Education and Social Work. Professionals in the artistic field: music, dance, theatre.

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