Second Faculty of Medicine offers a six-year full-time M.D. study program in General Medicine.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

Entrance examination:

The entrance exam will take place on specified dates at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Czech Republic. Additionally, it takes place in selected locations abroad.

The entrance examination consists of two parts: A written multiple-choice test and an interview.

1st part:

Applicants take a written multiple-choice test in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Logic (4 x 15 questions) corresponding to standard secondary school curricula. The entrance exam topics and examples of the questions are available on our website. Applicants have 75 minutes to complete the test. Each question is presented with four possible answers. Four points are awarded if all correct answers to the question are selected and all incorrect answers remain unselected. No points are awarded if there is a discrepancy between the final selection and the correct answer. The total number of points that can be acquired for the written test is 240. Completed written tests are marked anonymously.

2nd part:

Applicants with the best-written test results according to the dean´s decision are subsequently invited for the interview. Examination committees consist of three Faculty members. Successful applicants are expected to demonstrate their interest in the field of study, their ability to discuss medicine-related topics, and they should be able to defend their opinions. Applicants randomly draw two discussion questions/topics for which up to 60 points can be obtained.

The final results are announced at the end of the entrance exam day.

The submission of Secondary school certificate (verified copy) and the sum of points from the written and oral part of the entrance examination is the determining factor for the decision of admission.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Master's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate. Admission to Post-Bachelor studies (Master's program) is likewise conditioned by completed education in any type of study program.

Verification method: entrance exam
Regular date of entrance exam 22 May 2019
Alternative date of entrance exam 20 June 2019

Different admission requirements in accordance with Section 49 (3).

Conditions for admission according to § 49, par. 3 Law no. 111/98 col. About universities, as amended

  1. Filing of an application for study, including all necessary requirements and confirmation of receipt of the Admission fee, by 30 April of the given year.
  2. Filing of an application for admission without entry exam by 28 February of the given year, including full justification for the request (when transferring to Czech language courses). Filing of an application for admission without entry exam by 28 February of the given year, including full justification for the request (when transferring to English language courses).
  3. Completion of all study requirements for the year of study in which the student is currently enrolled, evidence of which shall be submitted by the student by 31 August of the given year.
  4. Transferring to either the first or the final year of the study program is not possible.
  5. Transfer is only possible within an identical study programme and/or study course.

The Dean of the Faculty may admit the applicant when

  1. The applicant fulfills conditions A through C.
  2. No more than three differential credits (assessments) shall be required following comparison of the two Faculties' study programs.
  3. The applicant has passed the Czech language exam while transferring to the 4th or 5th year of English language general medicine course (corresponding to the Czech language exam in the 3rd year of the Second Faculty of Medicine).
  4. The Applicant's grade average is lower than 1.5, including repeated exams.

The Dean of Faculty will consider each request individually and issue the final decision.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of Master study program in general medicine are medical doctors with complete training in all basic medical fields. Their professional attitude is based on the knowledge of evolutionary aspects of human life both in health and disease from the prenatal period till old age. Besides theoretical knowledge, they possess practical skills corresponding with the needs of a general practitioner. At the same time, they are well informed about the basics of scientific research. They are prepared for the career of a clinician and the postgraduate course with the aim to reach further specialization or the certificate "general practitioner" as well as for the Ph.D. postgraduate study. The obtained education can be utilized in the therapeutical and preventive care for adult and paediatric patients or in the field of scientific research.

Career Prospect

Our educational tradition, along with academic excellence and our commitment to preparing students for a successful career in primary care or subsequent fellowship training, makes the Second Faculty of Medicine an outstanding choice for your medical studies. Graduates are awarded the degree ‘Doctor of General Medicine’ (MUDr.).

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated February 6, 2019
This course is Campus based
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Oct 2019
Full time
330,000 CZK
per academic year. Online Application fee: 640 CZK. Paper Application fee: 690 CZK.
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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