Doctors of Medicine (MDs) in Global Health in Antigua and Barbuda

A Doctor of Medicine is a doctorate-level degree that requires at least six years of study, research, and hands-on practice to earn. To obtain an M.D., students must complete medical school followed by an internship and a residency in a general hospital or specialty clinic.

Global health programs teach students about the various health problems around the world. Scholars study all countries on the globe, from developing nations to first-world powers. They also learn how to combat these international health challenges.

This country has over 100 both public and private universities. The country is among the countries, which have the high rate of university enrollment in the world. They have a friendly student’s relationship not only to the citizens but also to the international students. The Caribbean environment and unique character of the physical facilities in the country’s higher education institutions augment students’ learning experiences.

M.D. in Global Health in Antigua and Barbuda

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Global Health MD


The Global MD Program is a comprehensive, four-year longitudinal track in global health that is integrated into the curriculum at American University of Antigua College of Med ...

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