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A bachelor, which is an undergraduate degree, can be earned from colleges and universities located all over the world. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in many different concentrations so that students can tailor their education to align with their future goals.

Spanning many countries and island territories, South America is home to many Spanish-speaking countries. Here, students can literally walk through history on their way to class and soak up the culture of ancient societies. 

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Biomedical Informatics

Duoc UC
Campus Full time 4 years February 2020 Chile Santiago

A Technician in Biomedical Informatics is a trained professional that can work in health institutions in the public and private sector. These professionals will design information systems linked to the decision making applying national and international health standards for coding, imaging, supply, and system development, among others.

Bachelor in Radiology

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 6 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

Breaking interiors and investigate structures is working for Technologist in Radiology. Knowing the human body, analyze metal structures, operate radioactive sources are some of the professional activities formed in the area.

Bachelor in dentistry

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

Smile is serious. Taking care of oral health is essential to keep the body in harmony.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

Attend physical therapy is to keep moving health, promoting daily exercise for the body to function well and the mind is not tired. The overall knowledge of human beings, their structures and functions is the starting point to transform lives through rehabilitation.

Bachelor in nursing

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

Nursing is a science that is specifically in caring for the human being, individual, family and community in a comprehensive and holistic manner, developing promotional activities, protection, prevention, rehabilitation and health recovery.

Bachelor in Biomedicine

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 8 semesters March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

Combat invisible enemies, agents of diseases, will be your daily work. The biomedical studies the causative microorganisms of diseases, identifying drugs to fight them.

Degree in medicine

Campus Full time 6 years March 2020 Brazil São Paulo Argentina Buenos Aires + 2 more

The Medicine Undergraduate course is held through the agreement with UM - University of Morón, and for the Brazilians with high school or complete higher education who wish to obtain title Doctor.


Universidade Vale do Rio Verde (UNINCOR)
Campus Full time 8 - 16 semesters March 2020 Brazil Belo Horizonte

Capacitar agentes responsáveis pela promoção de mudanças no processo saúde-doença, mediante ações baseadas em princípios do conhecimento técnico-científico, da consciência do seu papel social e de cidadania.


Universidade José do Rosário Vellano (UNIFENAS)
Campus Full time Part time 8 - 9 find your juris doctor March 2020 Brazil Alfenas + 1 more

Through teaching, research and extension activity, the Nursing course proposes the integral formation of the future professional. It empowers you in various health areas, in addition to the profession, to carry out research, planning, management and teaching activities.


Universidade Iguaçu (UNIG)
Campus Full time 12 - 12 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Medical Course (Bachelor) is offered at Campus Nova Iguaçu, in full shift, with a duration of 12 academic periods, with a total workload of 7,990 class hours.


Universidade Iguaçu (UNIG)
Campus Part time 10 - 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Physiotherapy (Bachelor) course is offered in Campi Nova Iguaçu and Itaperuna in the night shift with 4,200 hours and duration of 10 school periods.


Universidade do Vale do Sapucaí (UNIVÁS)
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Pouso Alegre

The course of Psychology UNIVAS is based on an updated curriculum proposal and adapted to scientific and socio-cultural changes progress, which allows training professionals able to provide services with quality standards and ethical principles.

Veterinary Medicine

Universidade Metropolitana de Santos (UNIMES)
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Santos Dumont

Form the veterinarian to develop actions and results focused on the area of ​​Agricultural Sciences in respect to Animal Production, Food Production, Animal Health and Environmental Protection.

Veterinary Medicine

Universidade Presidente Antônio Carlos (UNIPAC)
Campus Full time 5 years March 2020 Brazil Juiz de Fora

The overall objective of Veterinary Medicine course is the training of general practitioners, within a holistic view, with the skills and competencies needed for prevention activities, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, animal production, technology of animal products and public health.


Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa (UCL)
Campus Full time 10 semesters March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course of Psychology Celso Lisboa is aimed to enable psychologists and educators to intervene in the social field, providing an integrated training in terms of multidisciplinarity, flexibility and creativity, from a current view of psychology.