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Top Bachelors in Nursing Studies in Parma Italy

A bachelor is an advanced degree that typically takes about four years of schooling to earn. The knowledge and training students receive while earning their degrees may lead to incredible professional opportunities upon graduation.

Students who wish to join the medical profession as a nurse may study nursing. This field of study looks at the prevention of illnesses, alleviation of suffering, advocacy for patients, treatment of injuries and promotion of health tips.

The cheese city of Italy - Parma is known for its architecture and rich heritage. It has some of the oldest universities of Italy like University of Parma. Therefore, whoever is interested in getting a good education in a traditional place must live in Parma.

Best Bachelor Degree in Nursing Studies in Parma in Italy

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University of Parma

The course aims to achieve the educational objectives defined below by areas ... [+]

Type: Three-year Degree CourseDegree class: L / SNT1Duration: 3 yearsCredits: 180Access: Programming at national levelPresident of the Course: Prof. BIGNAMI Elena GiovannaEducational objectives of the course

The course aims to achieve the educational objectives defined below by areas:

Health promotion and maintenanceManage preventive and assistance interventions aimed at assisted persons, the family and the community;Designing and realizing, collaborating with other professionals, informative and educational interventions for the control of risk factors for the individual and for groups of people;Educate people about healthy lifestyles and change those at risk.Organization and continuity of assistanceDefine the priorities of the interventions based on the care needs, the organizational needs and the optimal use of the available resources;Designing and managing, by working with other professionals, the nursing assistance of a group of patients (even at night);Assign and supervise the assistance activities to the support staff;Manage paper and IT information support systems;Document nursing care provided in compliance with ethical and legal principles;To provide patients and significant reference persons with information on nursing health status;Prepare the conditions for the dismissal or transfer of the assisted person, in collaboration with the members of the team;Guarantee the continuity of assistance between different shifts, between different services / structures;Use professional integration tools (meetings, team meetings, case discussions, clinical audits);Work in an integrated way in the team respecting the areas of competence;Establishing professional relationships and collaborating with other health professionals in the awareness of the specificities of the different roles and their integrations with nursing care;Assume guidance functions towards support operators and /... [-]
Italy Parma
October 2019
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3 years
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