Top Bachelors in Nursing Studies in Africa 2019

A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

Nursing is the study of first aid and preventative healthcare for ill or injured people. Students may focus on caring for children, trauma patients, seniors or mentally ill persons or focus on how to care for a wider range of patients.

Can any other region can match the variety and dimension of Africa? With imitable history, landscape and cultural contributions, hardly any regions offer a study abroad encounter that is more challenging or more satisfying in terms of studying.

Bachelor in Nursing Studies in Africa

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Igbinedion University, Okada

The Bachelor of Nursing Sciences degree requires the systematic acquisition of knowledge in the arts and sciences leading to the acquisition of the philosophical attitude ... [+]


The Education (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions (amendment) Decree 1993, otherwise known as Decree No 9 of 1 st January 1993 is the law under which Certificate No. 0001 of April 24th, 1999 was issued by the Honourable Minister of Education on behalf of the Federal Military Government.

Objectives of the College

a. To organize and offer courses of instructions leading to degrees, diplomas, certificates and other university qualifications and distinctions in medical studies and such related studies as may be prescribed by the Senate. b. To organize and provide training and courses whether leading to university qualifications or not for such persons as may be prescribed by Senate.c. To arrange and organize conferences, seminars, studies in the interest of public erudition. d. To tackle the problem of acute shortage of medical personnel in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. e. To fill the gap created by the brain drain of medical personnel in Nigeria. f. To encourage medical research in all fields of medical endeavor. g. To ensure maintenance of quality and standards in Medical Education both at a graduate and postgraduate level. h. To give qualitative medical education both at a graduate and postgraduate level in order to produce efficient and highly skillful doctors dedicated to the Primary Health Care delivery; and to the teaching of Medical Sciences. i. To produce doctors who will uphold the highest ethical standard of the profession. j. To perform any other... [-]

Nigeria Benin City
March 2020
Full time
4 years
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University of Johannesburg

Nurses are responsible for determining the needs of patients and planning a nursing care plan for each appointment. ... [+]


Nurses are responsible for determining the needs of patients and planning a nursing care plan for each appointment.

Admission Requirements Minimum APS: 27 Language of teaching and learning- English: 5 (60%+) Mathematics: 4 (50%+) Mathematical Literacy: Not accepted Additional Subject 1: 4 (50%+) Additional Subject 2: 4 (50%+) Additional Subject 3: 5 (60%+)* Additional Subject 4: 4 (50%+)

*Recommended for additional recognized language.

Admission for international applicants is subject to meeting the compliance requirements as stipulated by the Immigration Act No 13 of 2002, the regulations made there under the University’s policy. Meeting the Faculty’s minimum requirements for a particular programme does not necessarily guarantee admission to that programme due to space constraints. All applicants have to complete the NBT (National Benchmark Test) prior to admission. The result of the NBT will inform decisions taken on placement of the applicant. Life Orientation is not included when calculating APS.... [-]

South Africa Johannesburg
February 2020
Full time
4 years
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