Bachelor Degrees in Biomedical Engineering in China

A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

The knowledge of human biology gets combined with engineering principles in the discipline of biomedical engineering. This type of scientific application works to create solutions to promote the length and quality of life.

China is seeking to promote the development of first-class universities. China's economy is already the world's second largest and is still growing. Experiencing its culture and understanding its market growth will boost your career.

Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering in China

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B.Eng. Biomedical Science & Engineering

4 years

Our Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Science and Engineering trains you to innovatively apply science, engineering, and technology in an interdisciplinary manner to solve ...

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Biomedical Engineering

Sep 2021

Established in March 2011, The School of Biomedical Engineering consists of 3 basic disciplines; medical imaging, medical laboratory science, and bioscience. The School of Bio ...

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